Wedding Kratt Grand Lobby
“I adore the Gorecki Alumni Center and sincerely appreciate all of the enthusiastic support the staff offered me. I never had a question go unanswered – the staff were so helpful and lovely to work with. The venue is the most modern, warm, and inviting spaces in Grand Forks and we were so thrilled to host our wedding there. Thank you!”
- Shawna Widdel (Surprise Wedding & Reception)

“We send lots of thanks to the Gorecki Center staff and their catering partners for their exceptional and personal attention – we thought everything was perfect!”
- Janet (Shane) & Jim Altman (Wedding Reception)

“The Gorecki Center was amazing! The staff were so helpful and made our big day go smoothly. All of our guests loved the venue and thought the catering was great. Thanks for everything!”
- Mary Kadling (Kadling/Leadbetter Wedding Reception)

“Everything went smoothly. The staff was so responsive to our needs throughout the entire process!”
- Lisa Schuster (Bridal Shower)

“Our wedding photographer suggested the Gorecki Center as a place for our bridal party to get ready and take our photos. Having a place for all the girls to get ready together the morning of our wedding was perfect. The Gorecki Center was a great venue for taking our photos because we didn’t have to go outside but we still were able to capture great lighting and beautiful backgrounds due to the architecture of the building. Thank you for all of your help with making our wedding day perfect!”
- Jess Schanilec (Wedding Prep and Photo Location)

“The venue was exceptionally beautiful and the staff was great to work with!”
- Alison Braaten & Brian Fiala (Wedding Reception)

“The staff was great to work with. Our guests were thoroughly impressed with the entire evening and its venue.”
- Shannon Belgarde (Wedding & Reception)