The Gorecki Alumni Center is:
  • A welcome center for campus
  • An event venue for students, faculty and staff, alumni, and the community
  • The epicenter for campus philanthropy
  • A showcase of the University’s magnificent art and pottery collections and heritage
  • The first-ever LEED Platinum alumni center in the nation 
The Gorecki Alumni Center broke ground on May 6, 2011, celebrated its Grand Opening on Oct. 12, 2012, and was honored with LEED Platinum designation on November 13, 2013 . Since its opening, the Center has hosted thousands of events, fulfilling the wishes of UND’s very first graduating class in 1889 — connecting alumni with each other and the University of North Dakota in a monument dedicated to alumni. The Gorecki Alumni Center now serves as the campus home for more than 120,000 UND alumni. 

While an alumni home was always a dream, North Dakota Spirit  |  The Campaign for UND, made it possible. The campaign provided momentum and excitement for the project and was a perfect alignment of philanthropic goals for donors like Ben, '62, '63, & Dorothy Gorecki and others. Their vital involvement earned their family names as prominent fixtures throughout the building.

Ben, '62, '63, and Dorothy Gorecki

The Gorecki Alumni Center is named for Ben, ’62, ’63, and Dorothy Gorecki of Milaca, Minn., who provided the lead gift for the project. Ben Gorecki Passed away July 9, 2017. He was very proud to have the Gorecki name associated with the Gorecki Alumni Center building.  He was pleased to hear of the varied events hosted here, the powerful first impression with prospective students and, so very proud, of how this building represents the "home" for our alumni and friends who return to campus throughout the year. 
The longtime supporters of UND are unassuming and generous philanthropists who focus their charitable giving on education, health and special needs of their communities. They say they hope to inspire others to also recognize and support the needs of important causes. “It’s a good feeling to see other people support the projects we believe in,” Dorothy says.