We know that décor, signage and other visual aids can be important for successful events. The Gorecki Alumni Center and Hopper Danley Spiritual Center have developed policies that allow appropriate decoration, signs and posters that maintain the structure of our facilities as well as the safety of your guests.

Decorations, Signs and Posters 

  •  All decorations, signage and furniture arrangements must be approved and coordinated in advance with the event staff.
  • Any decorations, signs or posters must be free-standing. 
  • Taping, nailing, wiring, stapling or otherwise attaching anything to any surface will not be permitted. The reserving party will be financially responsible for any damages to the facility resulting from misuse of signage, decorations or materials. 
  • The following items are not permitted: open-flame candles, confetti, glitter, sparklers, smoke or fog machines and small or sharp metallic decorations. Helium balloons are not allowed without approval from the event staff and without the appropriate waiver. Client will be responsible for charges incurred for cleanup and removal of balloons.
  • No posters or banners are permitted in the buildings or grounds without the permission of the event staff.
  • All decorations and materials must be removed by client immediately following conclusion of event and within the designated time allowed. Any and all leftover material will be disposed of at the custodial staff’s discretion and appropriate fees will be charged.